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Can We Guess Your Education Level From Your 90s Movie Knowledge? Replied by GTA matt on topic Code P1312,, Isuzu, Rodeo, V6, 3. 2L, DOHC Timing belt is not put on properly. I believe there is a tsb from Isuzu that involves turning the passenger cam several times until the timing marks line up perfect without tension from the valve springs trying to move it. When you check Isuzu Rodeo car engine light came on code P0240 the reason should be Engine Light ON ( or Service Engine Soon Warning Light). However Isuzu manufacturer may have a different definition for the P0240 OBD- II Diagnostic Powertrain ( P) Trouble Code. Isuzu OBD I diagnostic. This page explains how to get the codes without any special tools. The codes are listed seperately based upon fuel delivery type. Trouble Codes › Isuzu Trouble Codes. Full list of OBD II Diagnostic Trouble Codes for your Isuzu.

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    If your Check engine light is on you may have a serious problem. Scan your codes and follow the chart to determine what the code means. ISUZU OBDII Codes List P0013 ISUZU 7, 268 Views Variable Camshaft Timing Actuator Malfunction; P0014 ISUZU 11, 336 Views Camshaft Phase Angle Error. P1406 = Isuzu EGR Valve Pintle Position Circuit. You just need to remove and clean the EGR valve and tube. Then, remove neg bat cable for 20 minutes to clear code. I have an 03 Isuzu rodeo and my CD player won' t do anything. I have AM and FM radio, but nothing happens when you press the CD button. Loose fuel tank filler cap is the most common cause that triggers the P0442 code. This is a video of how I repaired my 1999 Isuzu Trooper with code po401. EGR flow insufficient.

    Re: 02 isuzu rodeo p1515 code Post by louis2317 » Tue Oct 06, 5: 23 am The isuzu has the V6 with the on the fly throttle and my s10 has a 4 cylinder with a cable throttle like a vehicle should be built. I have a check engine light reading code P1393, G Sensor high voltage, on my 1997 Isuzu Rodeo. I know I have a bad O2 sensor, bank 2. Could this cause the issue, or what might be causing the vehicle t. I have a Rodeo 3. Yesterday my check engine light came on and the code was P0502 Vehicle Speed Sensor Low Input. Anyone explain what that means and how I can fix it? Antilock Brake System ( ABS) Diagnostic Trouble Codes ( DTC) When the ABS warning light in the Instrument Panel remains ON, the EHCU ( Electronic Hydraulic Control Unit) stores the DTC and. P0401 Exhaust gas recirculation insuffieicnt flow detected When the EGR open the PCM uses the MAP ( manifold air pressure) sensor change in its input as the EGR opens, when the MAP goes out of limits then it codes up P0401, It does not use the 02 sensor,. Tap the to learn more about the most common Isuzu Rodeo problems. Oil in Spark Plug Tubes May Cause Misfire On the V- 6 engine, oil in the spark plug tubes can cause a misfire. Isuzu Rodeo computer code p0446 probably from dust in the emission control charcoal cannister. Where is the - Isuzu Rodeo question.

    Not a valid code number, check again. If it' s P0131 then it would be a oxygen sensor on bank 1 sensor 1, low voltage. On Rodeo, Amigo, and Pickup ( exceptmodels W/ 3. 2L engine), connect the single wire diagnostic leads located behind the left hand kick panel together. On Trooper models to 1991, the single wire diagnostic connectors are located under the center console. A couple days ago my rodeo developed a problem. When I started it up the rpm' s would jump from 1000 to 100 and act like it was going to stall. Tap the to learn more about the most common 1999 Isuzu Rodeo problems. Brake squeal due to film on rotors Certain models can get a brake squeal at the end of a stop due to the front brake. Possible Causes and Repair Information for P0602 Isuzu code. Learn what does P0602 Isuzu means? P0602 Isuzu Control Module Programming Error. 2L problem: mis- fire cylinder 3 is the code the shops are getting. 2- very good local shops both feel that it is the injectors ( fuel filter replaced, fuel lines, injector pump tested.

    You have to have the truck running and up to temp anytime you try and pull the higher of the two plugs to check the fluid level. The temp is supposed to be between degrees F. when you check it. Isuzu Trouble codes. — Rodeo & Trooper w/ 3. 2L engine, Stylus & 1990– 92 Impulse less turbocharger. { 7} — Stylus & 1990– 92 Impulse w/ turbocharger. I have a 98 rodeo with 3. 2, replaced both upstream o2 sensors. everything was great for about 2 days. I started throwing a CEL and got p0134, P0135, P0138 and P1133 codes.

    I have a 1997 Isuzu Rodeo, it has been a great car. The check engine light just popped on and I don' t want to take it into the auto shop just for them to tell me a bunch of stuff is wrong. Car still runs great, the light popped on yesterday. A check engine light can indicate a broad spectrum of problems with your Isuzu Rodeo. In some cases you need to pull over immediately to prevent damage while in others you merely need to tighten you gas cap next time you stop in order to reset the service engine soon light. Code 55 ECM fault. Helpful Information. All Isuzu cars and light truck are equipped with the OBD1 computer system ( before 1996). The system triggers trouble codes once the computer system has malfunctioned. isuzu trooper fault codes p0401& p1441 - Hello, I have a 99 Isuzu trooper 3. I have to say that I love this vehicle, but since I bought it 2 months a. I bought my new Isuzu Rodeo in 1999. At 25, 000 miles, the car died in a car parking lot, could not get it started. Contacted the Isuzu Customer Service to get Road Side Assistance and waited for more than 2 hours; no more showed up.